I was born in Como, Italy. My family roots are from the Tuscany and Lombardia regions.
The banks of Lake of Como had and still have an emotional impact on my creativity. As a teenager, the deep green color of the landscape surrounding the lake in the summer, and the emerald color of its water, piqued my curiosity and understanding of the language of colors. As autumn arrived with its transitional colors, my life changed and took me beyond the beauty of the lake. Indeed, and frankly unexpectedly it changed course. In fact, I started traveling abroad. I lived in England few years.. and upon my return to Italy, I enjoyed the mediterranean life of Naples, where I studied Kandinsky. A few years later, I moved to The United States of America where I proudly became a naturalized citizen.
New York City, it has given me the opportunity to express my spiritual beliefs while converging them onto a canvas, and still remembering those same colors of the Lake of Como, that piqued so highly my curiosity..

                    THE NEW SCHOOL . Film / Screenwriting.

Major movements that influenced my artistic life were, to mention a few:
The Italian Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, The Bauhaus School ...
Thank you for your time!